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Jeremy Paxman Great Britain’s Great War

Jeremy Paxman gives us an image of what life was actually like for the British during the First World War

Jeremy Paxman Great Britain’s Great War
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Imagine what life was like for people living in Britain during the First World War, everyone from politicians and generals to factory workers, wives and children. Renowned broadcaster Jeremy Paxman uses a wealth of first-hand source material to really paint a picture of what life was like living at this time. Paxman manages to capture the mood and morale of the nation and explains how life and identity in Britain were utterly transformed not always for the worse.


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National Army Museum
Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, London SW3 4HT

Time: 7.30pm, dining from 5.30pm

Price: £10.00, concessions £7.50
Signed copies and dining options availble

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