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Best Kept Secrets

V&A Friday Late: gal-dem

Join the gal-dem at this exciting weekend late in Stratford where they'll be sharing their take on the world through the lens of film making.

Passage/s at Victoria Miro

Victoria Miro’s latest exhibition explores the work of Korean artist Do Ho Suh.

Yamato at The Peacock

The drummers of Japan are back!

Unique Tours of London

Gin, ghosts, rock n roll, Harry Potter, ice cream, Jack the Ripper, murder and more…

Art, Design, Fashion & Acting Workshops

Learn new skills or take up a new hobby with a hands-on workshop this Spring!

Vanessa Bell at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Overshadowed by her sister for too long, this exhibition explores the work of prominent Bloomsbury Group figure Vanessa Bell.

Kew Gardens - Your Everyday Escape

Find inspiration, tranquillity and adventure in the magical world of Kew Gardens.

Top 5: Fake Locations in London

Did you know 221B Baker Street isn't actually Sherlock Holmes' House and the Strand Lane Roman Baths aren't in fact Roman? Some of your favourite London landmarks are not quite what they seem...

Sussex Modernism: Retreat and Rebellion

We take a retreat to Sussex to discover what inspired some of the most prominent modernist artists to move there.

A Weekend with a National Art Pass

We soak up as much of London's culture as we can with a weekend using the National Art Pass.

Top 5: London Storytelling Experiences

Gather round as we explore five of the best opportunities for listening and telling stories that London has to offer.

Ghost In The Shell Rerelease

We delve back into anime classic The Ghost In The Shell, rereleased to celebrate the upcoming live-action remake.

Temple Music Foundation Spring Season

A season of gorgeous classical performances from the Temple Music Foundation.

A Cultural Guide To Hammersmith

Find out how to spend a day in the cultural hub of West London.

Top 5: Weird Hobbies to Start this Jan

There's no better time than January to try something a little different.

Keith Tyson's Turn Back Now

This year, Hasting's Jerwood Gallery will be coated in Keith Tyson's Studio Wall Drawings.