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An Interview with Christopher Eccleston

We sit down with Christopher Eccleston ahead of the 10th London Literature Festival to talk about his love of books, his favourite roles, and the fun of ageing.

REVIEW: Little Men

We take a look at Ira Sach's latest film, Little Men, a story of friendship, feuds, and forgiveness.

Felicity Jones: Thanking Her Lucky Stars

Oscar-nominee Felicity Jones chats to us about Star Wars, Tom Hanks, and following your destiny.

REVIEW: The Infiltrator

Swapping blue meth for blow, Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame is back to drug-drama antics in new crime thriller, The Infiltrator.

Save the Feminist Library!

We chat to writer and filmmaker Anais Charles about her documentary 'The Feminist Library – A Short Film'

REVIEW: The Blue Room

We share our thoughts on Mathieu Almaric's sexy thriller about a love affair gone wrong.

The 60th BFI London Film Festival

We take a look at what this year's 60th BFI London Film Festival has in store for us with a few selected highlights to look out for.

REVIEW: Android in La La Land

We share our thoughts on Steve Read and Rob Alexander's new documentary Gary Numan: Android in La La Land

Top 5: Pub Cinemas

If you're looking for an intimate, fun alternative to the standard megaplexes, enjoy a picture and pint in one of these hidden gem pub cinemas.

Interview With Dominic West

We talk to actor Dominic West about his fawning fan-base, London after Brexit and Disney's Finding Dory

Daniel Radcliffe Interview

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe returns to his conjuring roots in Now You See Me 2, but this time he plays the villain.

Paths To Utopia

Part of the celebrations of Thomas More's famous book, this exhibition explores what Utopia means to different people.

An Inteview with Mark Rylance

We chat to the rising star about protest marches, Academy Awards and the big leap from theatre to film.

Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick

Somerset House’s latest exhibition explores the artistic legacy of one of history’s finest filmmakers.

Maggie's Plan: Rebecca Miller Interview

We chat to the novelist and film director about her new film, which chronicles a very modern relationship.

Politics Exposed: Weiner

We chat to Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg, the pair behind the year's most enthralling political documentary.

Film and cinema are a hugely important part of London's cultural life. We bring you interviews with the actors, directors and creative teams involved in making film as well as all the latest news on film screenings, events, cinema and film festivals in London.